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Posti Pre-Paid Envelope

Posti Pre-Paid Envelopes can be used right away. The postage fee has already been paid and the envelopes come with your company’s printing and logo

Who is the service designed for?

The Pre-Paid Envelope is a great choice if you are looking for an easy way to do daily mailing. It is suitable for companies that send over 10 letters every week and companies that operate at multiple locations.


Posti Pre-Paid Envelopes help draw attention to your letter, as they will bear your company’s printing. The price of the envelopes includes everything: the postage fee, printing, the envelope itself and delivery to the order address. You can place the order online through the Envelope Store. The store offers a broad selection of envelopes and packaging options for domestic and international letters.


Example: A 100-envelope batch of C5 envelopes for Economy Letters costs EUR 1.87/envelope + VAT. If the order quantity is 2,000 envelopes, the price per envelope is only EUR 0.98 + VAT per envelope.

If your mailing volumes vary or your company operates at multiple locations, the Pre-Paid Envelope is an excellent choice. You will find suitable envelopes, bags and boxes for domestic and international mailings in the store.

Check out the envelope and package selection

  • The price of the Posti Pre-Paid Envelope includes everything: the postage fee, printing according to your company’s visual identity, the envelope itself and delivery to the order address.

  • A broad selection of various envelope and packaging options, including expander, wave/bubble and cardboard bags. Also separate envelopes for Express Letters.

  • Economy and Priority Letters can be dropped off in a mailbox.

Tutustu Postikuorikauppaan opasvideoiden avulla

Esittelemme sinulle kaupan toiminnallisuudet, saat ohjeet Postikuorien tilaamiseen vaihe vaiheelta ja näytämme, kuinka kätevästi teet Postikuorien uusintatilauksen aiemman tilauksen pohjalta. Videot on tekstitetty suomeksi ja englanniksi, valitse haluamasi kieli asetukset-rattaasta.

  • Toiminnallisuudet, perustilaus ja uusintatilaus: Katso video Sisältö - 00:16 Mikä on Postikuori - 01:05 Kirjautuminen palveluun - 01:52 Postikuorien tilaaminen: mm. kulkunopeus, kuoren koko, painatustiedot, laskutus- ja toimitusosoitteet - 08:50 Uusintatilauksen tekeminen