Choose the payment and mailing method that best fits your needs

Do you want your items to be delivered as quickly or as inexpensively as possible? Do you want to send your items yourself or do you want someone else to send them for you? Do you send small or large numbers of items? We offer many options for sending and paying for letters. Whether you want to do everything yourself to cut costs or receive a quick and ready solution, you will be able to find a suitable option among our selection of services

  • Do it yourself or have everything done for you – pricing based on service level.

  • Solutions for domestic and international deliveries.

Posti Pre-Paid Envelope

Posti Pre-Paid Envelopes are ready to be used right away: the postage fee has already been paid, and your company’s information will be printed on the envelopes. If your mailing volumes vary or your company operates in multiple locations, the Pre-Paid Envelope is a very good choice.

Mailing list

Invoicing based on a mailing list is suitable for daily mailing batches of over 100 letters or large individual mailing batches. Using the electronic mailing list in the Posti Service Portal is the easiest way to do this. With a mailing list, we collect information for invoicing: the customer number, the payer information, the number of items and the service level.

Pricing Service

If you do not have enough time for mailing letters, we recommend the Pricing Service. We will take care of the pricing and the payment indications of your letters. All you need to do is to bring your items to us to a postal outlet or agree on the use of a Pick-up and Delivery Service.

Franking machine

A franking machine is suitable for your company if you mail letters yourself to Finland or to addresses outside Finland. The machine prints the payment indications directly on the item or on an adhesive label. You will receive a detailed breakdown of the postage fees every month.

Send messages easily online

Create and send individual messages or small batches easily using the Posti Kontakti online service. The service includes the materials, printing, mailing and delivery of letters and postcards. The service is easy to use and will guide the user through the processes. You can upload a PDF or add the text and images you want to ready-made templates.


You can send letters, invoices and e-invoices through the Network. You can transfer money to the service account as an online payment or by using a payment card. The account makes paying for individual small purchases easy.