Targeted customer communications through an invoice

The Connect service is a tool for making customer communications more effective. The service helps you ensure that your customers receive and pay attention to the messages targeted at them.

Who is the service designed for?

The Connect tool is a good choice when you want to use the invoices you are sending to customers for delivering targeted communications, making additional sales and building customer loyalty.


The Connect service helps you ensure that your customers receive and pay attention to the messages targeted at them.

Invoices, insurance policies and many other documents are often sent to recipients with the same contents and through the same channels. The recipient’s information is usually the only individualized content in these messages. With the Connect tool, you can add messages and attachments to invoices or other documents and easily create individualized newsletters, offers or communications about your new products that are tailored for specific target groups. Your customers will receive your messages through their chosen channel: on paper by post, by email, through their online bank or through Netposti.

  • Send individualized and effective communications and make additional sales in connection with invoicing.

  • The various service levels we offer, from Connect Basic to Premium, allow for precise segmentation and targeting.

Choose the option that best fits your needs.

You can create and edit your messages as you like. Simply choose the option that is the best fit for your needs.

Connect Basic – you can add an attachment to your continuous customer communications, such as a monthly invoice, also at the last minute. The same attachment will be sent to all recipients as part of the next mailing.

Connect Basic Plus – the attachments can be segmented according to target group, which means that your customers will always receive information targeted specifically at them.

Connect Premium – you can add segmented banners to the main document. This allows you to target important information at the correct target group, for example as part of a newsletter, or answer frequently asked questions right on the invoice. The attachments can of course also be segmented, like in the Basic Plus module. With the Premium module, you can complement the messages added to the main document with the extra information included in the attachment.