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Multi-channel invoice delivery service

Give your customers the freedom to choose where and how to pay their invoices.

Who is the service designed for?

Posti’s multi-channel invoice delivery service is a good fit for the needs of both large companies and smaller organizations.


You will have access to all invoicing channels through one partner, and you will be able to give your customers the freedom to choose the invoicing method that suits them best, which helps to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

When you choose Posti as your invoicing partner, you will have access to all invoicing services and channels with one agreement. You can send your customers recipients through the channels they have chosen and offer them a chance to flexibly switch from one invoicing channel to another.

As the invoice sender, you will be able to monitor invoicing processes in real time, whether the invoices you are sending are mobile invoices, e-invoices, email invoices or traditional paper invoices. The relevant information is transferred from your system, after which our service creates the invoices and directs them to the channels you have selected in the form of an e-invoice, email invoice, mobile invoice, an invoice to OmaPosti or a paper invoice. Thanks to the broad selection of options we offer, it will be easy for your customers to switch to electronic channels and you will be able to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in the middle of change. You will be able to offer your customers the following options:

  • E-invoice

  • Email invoice

  • Smart Invoice through the OmaPosti mobile application

  • MobilePay

  • Traditional paper invoice

Give your customers the freedom to choose

At Posti, being multi-channel means that we commit to enabling you to offer your customers all the most modern invoicing channels in addition to the use of paper invoices. Our constant product development efforts ensure that you will be offered the most cost-effective solution, regardless of the channel you are using. As our customer, you will be able to seamlessly take advantage of the best invoicing channels and ensure that you will also be among to first to benefit from future innovations.

In connection with sending invoices, you can also send targeted and individualized messages to consumers on paper, as a PDF attachment or to their mobile devices. You will gain access to an effective communications channel and have a unique opportunity to make additional sales.

See below for further information about the options that you can offer your customers through the multi-channel invoice delivery service.

E-invoices are electronic invoices that are delivered directly to a customer’s online bank. E-invoices include the same information as paper or email invoices. E-invoices make the it easier to pay invoices and remember due dates.

You can send invoices by email in the form of a link or a PDF attachment. Emails are quick and easy to use, and you can also add clickable links to them. You only need an accurate email address to send an email invoice. Failed deliveries can be directed to printing and the address list will be updated before the next mailing.

Smart Invoices can be opened and paid directly in the OmaPosti application. In connection with invoice payment, personalized messages can be targeted at consumers that are logged in to the service. Smart Invoices also enable direct dialogue with consumers. For example, additional questions about an invoice or requests to change the due date of an invoice can be processed immediately. Consumers can download the OmaPosti application to their phones from an application store.

Using the MobilePay application is a quick and modern way to invoice and pay. MobilePay is a universal payment method where the consumer receives and pays invoices quickly and safely with their smartphone application. If MobilePay has been selected as the invoice payment method, the application downloaded to the customer’s phone will open automatically and the payment can be confirmed with one swipe after verification.

The printing and delivery of paper-format and digital communications is done using the iPost system, a quick and cost-effective solution for all kinds of communications, such as sending invoices and pay slips or for marketing communications.