Electronic invoicing for small businesses

By taking advantage of Posti’s selection of invoicing options, small businesses will also be able to easily send e-invoices to customers.

Who is the service designed for?

For the invoice sending needs of small and micro businesses.


You can start using the Network service even if you do not have a separate invoicing system. If you do have an invoicing system, starting to use the iPost Invoice service as part of your invoicing system is an easy way to switch to e-invoicing

A business customer wanting their invoices as e-invoices often represents a new challenge for small businesses. Posti’s services will help your company overcome invoicing challenges. If your company does not use a separate invoicing system, the Network service is a good choice. With this browser-based service channel for small businesses, you will be able to easily create and send e-invoices to business customers. You do not need to make an investment or integrate systems—you only pay the transaction fee for the invoices you send. You will be able to easily add PDF attachments to e-invoices, and the invoices you have sent will be stored in an archive. Network also offers a wide range of online services for carrying out your company’s operations, such as sending paper and electronic invoices and letters and receiving electronic messages. Start using the Network service

If your company already uses an invoicing system, the easiest option for switching to electronic invoicing is iPost Invoice. You can integrate the service into your invoicing system and use it to send electronic and paper invoices to companies. Read more about iPost Invoice

Network is an online service channel for small businesses

The Network service combines traditional mailing services with modern electronic sending and receiving services. It offers an easy way to serve customers and do business at the best possible time.

Network is best suited for the minor sending and receiving needs of small businesses and organizations. Services purchased through Network are paid from the service account.

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