International letters with Priority and Economy delivery times

An international letter is a flexible and inexpensive solution for individual and effective communications as well as for tasks such as invoicing.

Who is the service designed for?

Posti’s letter services are suitable for businesses of all kinds and all sizes.


Letters allow you to communicate with your customers in a way that stands out and is individual and effective. If the address is incorrect, the Universal Postal Convention guarantees address clarification for the item in the destination country and delivery to the recipient’s valid mail address without extra charge. If address clarification yields no results, the destination country returns the letter to the Finnish address indicated in the sender details on the envelope free of charge.

Sending a letter is an excellent way to draw attention and ensures that you will reach your customer reliably. Posti’s international letter delivery services always include address clarification and guarantee secrecy of correspondence. If you want your letter to be delivered quickly, you can choose to mail it as a Priority Letter. For less urgent items, we recommend choosing the inexpensive Economy Letter. We deliver publications abroad as letter items.

  • Messages are delivered reliably.·

  • You can choose the delivery time that suits your needs.

  • Address clarification without extra cost.