Valuable item delivery - when your letter is more important than usual

When sending important documents or valuable goods, choosing Posti’s Valuable Item services is the best way to ensure safe delivery.

Who is the service designed for?

Valuable Item services are suitable for sending valuable documents or goods.


You will benefit from item tracking, a receipt of mailing and verification of the recipient’s identity as the item is handed over, as well as other services—such as detailed and documented information about the handing over of the item—depending on the service you have chosen.

  • Registered letter is widely used for sending important documents, such as certificates and promissory notes.

  • As a Letter with Advice of Delivery you can ensure the safe delivery of official decisions, important documents or credit cards or SIM cards.

  • Cash, securities, precious metals, gems, and other valuable items delivered through Posti must always be sent as Insured Item.

Registered letterLetter with Advice of DeliveryInsured Item
I want receipt of the mailing of the item
I want to be able to track the item
I want advice of delivery
I need detailed and documented information about the handing over of the item
My item contains official decisions, important documents or goods such as credit cards or SIM cards
I need compensation coverage for my item because it contains money or valuable papers or goods
The contents of my item are valuable and and needs secure handling

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