Reply mail will make customers more active

Domestic reply mail items make it easy for your customers to place orders, respond to questionnaires and request to be contacted.

Who is the service designed for?

Reply mail items are suitable for everyone who would like to encourage their customers to order items, respond to questionnaires or return or send print documents. They are also suitable for making declarations to the authorities and sending laboratory samples.


By providing your customers with an easy and free way to contact your company, you will improve their customer satisfaction and receive more orders or feedback than you would through digital channels alone. The reply mail item service is a cost-effective option because only returned items will be billed. The service can be easily activated online.

Domestic reply mail items are free of charge for the customer, and you only pay for returned items and the service’s monthly fee. Domestic reply mail items are also suitable for making declarations to the authorities.

  • Orders, questionnaires and contact requests as reply mail items

  • Economy Reply can be an envelope or a coupon, Standard Reply is always an envelope

  • Express Reply is suitable for customers receiving laboratory samples, read more here

When you have concluded a service agreement, you will receive an item ID that is subject to a charge. You can also use information codes as a additional service in your reply mail items, so you will receive your reply mail items sorted according to information code. You can place orders and make changes to the reply mail item or the information code using the web form.

New service for large mail volumes: Standard reply

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