Laboratory samples delivered quickly with Specimen Item or Express Reply

The Specimen Item and Express Reply services deliver letter-sized animal or human laboratory samples quickly and reliably – often by the very next day. In the larger cities, we also deliver them on Saturdays (excluding public holidays).

Who is the service designed for?

Specimen Item is suitable for transporting samples between hospital and laboratories or sending multiple samples in one package, for example. Express reply is suitable for sending a sample taken by a private customer or veterinarian for examination, for example.


Laboratory samples are always transported everywhere on the Finnish mainland using the fastest possible delivery method.
The delivery time inquiry shows the delivery speed of your item and you can track its movements using the web service or OmaPosti application.

A laboratory sample is delivered for transport by taking it to a Posti outlet or dropping it off at the contract customer’s pickup and delivery service for transport. The sample must be in a package with yellow and black stripes in accordance with the Act on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Read the instructions.

  • Laboratory samples are always transported using the fastest possible delivery method.

  • The Specimen Item service is the mostinexpensive option and the transportation charge can be paid by either the sender or the addressee. The service is available everywhere on the Finnish mainland.

  • Express Reply is always free of charge for the sender. Express Reply items can be sent to the locations belonging to the service area, and they are delivered to the laboratories with the mentioned postal codes.

  • The deployment of the services is always agreed upon separately.

Here is how to use the Transport Services for laboratory samples

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