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Do you send more than one million letters a year?

If your company sends more than one million Economy Standard Letters a year via Posti's delivery, you can get a volume discount on the price of the Economy Standard Letters sent. The annual volume discount is calculated on the basis of the volume of Economy Standard Letters submitted to Posti within one calendar year.

The following terms and conditions apply to the annual volume discount:

  • The number of Economy Standard Letters exceeds one million pieces within one calendar year.

  • Only Economy Standard Letters sent via Posti’s delivery are included in the annual volume; no other Economy Letters or Priority Letters will be taken into account when determining the discount.

  • The volume of letters entitling the customer to a discount includes only the letters sent in your company’s name. This means that the content of the letters must be determined by your company and your company is the one ultimately responsible for sending the letters. Your company may, by its own decisions, determine the letter volume and increase or reduce the number of letters. This does not include, for example, letters related to invoicing operations that your company sends on behalf of its customers.

  • The discount is determined on the basis of the total volume of Economy Standard Letters submitted to Posti via various parties. Economy Standard Letters can be submitted to Posti for delivery directly by your company or via a mailer company. In this case, getting a discount requires that your mailer companies have a customer relationship with your company.

  • The realization of the letter volume entitling you to a discount is monitored on the basis of the number of letters invoiced during the year. Posti must be able to verify the total letter volume, which means that a separate customer number for invoicing and verification purposes can be created for letters being submitted to Posti via mailer companies, if necessary. If the actual letter volume does not match the discount level, the discount level as well as invoicing will be adjusted to reflect the actual volume.

If your company uses a third-party mailer company or similar provider that pays the postage fees for letters to Posti on your company’s behalf, we will provide the mailer company with a discount based on your company’s annual volume. Posti provides the mailer company only with information about the sending customer entitled to the discount and the discount percentage. Other information related to mailing is not disclosed. Please note, however, that the annual volume discount table is public information, so mailer companies know that the discount percentage corresponds to the overall volume level of Economy Standard Letters sent.

Discount table

The annual volume discount levels are shown in the table below. If your company’s annual volume is more than 20 million letters, please contact your contact person at Posti.

Annual volume, Million lettersDiscount %Annual volume, Million lettersDiscount %

Customers sending more than one (1) million Economy Standard Letters

Please fill out the form below so that Posti can determine your annual volume discount. Your report is the only way we can be sure that the annual volume discount is based on your company’s total annual volume.

The information that you provide will be processed confidentially and only used for determining and allocating the discount.