Impressive communication with domestic letter services

A letter is a flexible and inexpensive solution for individual and effective communications as well as for tasks such as invoicing.

Who is the service designed for?

Posti’s letter services are suitable for businesses of all kinds and all sizes. We will ensure the delivery of letters to over 15,000 Posti P.O. Box or Corporate Postal Code addresses specified by the company itself. Letter payment and mailing methods are selected based on the number of items.


If the address is incorrect or outdated, we will carry out address clarification and deliver it to the recipient’s valid mail address without extra charge. If we are unable to determine the correct address, we will return the letter to you.

Sending a letter is an excellent way to draw attention and ensures that you will reach your customer reliably. Posti’s letter delivery services always include address clarification and guarantee secrecy of correspondence.

If you want your letter to be delivered quickly, you can choose to mail it as a Priority Letter, which will reach the recipient within two weekdays from the mailing date. For less urgent items, we recommend choosing the inexpensive Economy Letter, which will be delivered within four weekdays from the mailing date. The Express letter provides item tracking and brings security to the schedule, in large cities also delivery on Saturdays.

  • Messages are delivered reliably.

  • You can choose the delivery time that suits your needs.

  • Address clarification without extra cost.

Send a request for proposal (RFP) and we will help your company find the most efficient solutions for sending and managing documents

We will help your company digitalize and automate communications and documenting processes and offer better service to customers