Send messages and invoices through multiple channels

Send messages and invoices through multiple channels

We deliver letters, publications, invoices and service messages to your customer in the correct format. By using Posti’s services, you can reach your customers in Finland and abroad quickly, inexpensively and reliably. You can choose to receive the service from us in the form of a turnkey solution, or, alternatively, you can mail the items yourself in a way that suits you best.

  • With a letter, you will reach your customers reliably.

  • You can choose the delivery time and method from our wide selection.

  • Invoice electronically and through multiple channels

Domestic letter delivery

A letter is a flexible and affordable solution for many sending needs. It is suitable for personal and effective communications as well as for tasks such as invoicing. Valuable items, reply mail items, sample items, e-invoices—with us, you can receive all letter services from one place.

Domestic publication delivery

You can choose the most suitable method of delivering newspapers, magazines and free distribution papers from Posti’s selection of publication delivery services. Your publication will reach readers nationally and regionally according to your needs. From us, you will receive a smooth delivery chain for your publication, from transport to delivery.

International letter delivery

Our international letter service selection includes many options for document and small item delivery. Whether you want to send a letter abroad as quickly or as cheaply as possible, we can offer you the right solution.

Payment and mailing methods for letter

We offer many options for sending and paying for letters. Would you prefer mailing-ready envelopes for daily mailing, or would you rather send the letters directly from your computer? Whether you want to do everything yourself as inexpensively as possible or receive a quick and ready solution, you will be able to find a suitable option among our selection.

Printing and sending services

With the iPost sending service, you can send invoices, pay slips and bulletins cost-effectively in paper or electronic form, according to the wishes of the recipient. If you wish, we can provide you printing and sending services that have been fully tailored to your needs.

Multi-channel invoicing

The way invoices are paid is changing. Customers can now decide where and how they pay their invoices. By using Posti’s services, you can not only send invoices through multiple channels but also provide excellent customer service, minimize the costs of the invoicing process and speed up capital circulation. We offer suitable invoicing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Browser-based and mobile electronic mailbox

Reach your consumer customers through OmaPosti and the OmaPosti application. OmaPosti is an electronic mailbox and archive for consumer customers that you can use to send invoices, documents and messages to your customer. The OmaPosti application makes everyday life easier for consumers by collecting letters, invoices and parcels in one place.