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P.O. Boxes are well suited for newly established companies

By using a P.O. Box, you can collect your mail according to your own schedule and get it even faster than through day mail delivery.

Who is the service designed for?

P.O. Boxes are best suited for newly established companies.


With a P.O. Box address, you can separate your personal and your company’s mail. The P.O. Box address is independent of your company’s street address.

You can pick your mail from the P.O. Box at a time that suits you best. You will receive a P.O. Box address and P.O. Box with a lock, protecting your mail, in your chosen location.

You sign a P.O. Box usage contract that is valid until further notice and that is invoiced in advance in 12-month periods. You will get a P.O. Box and a key at the P.O. Box location of your choice.

  • Pick up your mail from a P.O. Box when convenient

  • You will receive your mail even quicker than through day mail delivery

  • When a P.O.Box address is used, the last number of the postal code is always the number one (1): Oy Yritys Ab P.O.Box 67 02341 ESPOO

The most inexpensive way to reserve a P.O. Box is through the Network service. At the same time, you will gain access to an electronic mailbox for receiving letters and invoices. With Network, you can also send invoices and letters.

If you are a contract customer of Posti, you can also place an order using this P.O. Box order form.

The tariffs and rates are quoted excluding VAT, unless otherwise stated. VAT valid at the time will be added to prices during invoicing.

Order channelNetworkForm
Establishment charge/pcs162 €190 €
Rent for 12 months186 €208 €