Nearby mailbox

With the Nearby Mailbox service, you can have your mail delivered where you want it. The service is equally suitable for businesses and housing companies. You can also agree on newspaper delivery to a location of your choice.

Who is the service designed for?

The service is suitable for businesses and housing companies.


Mail will be delivered to a location of your choice or inside the building of your business or housing company.

Direct to Door for Companies

  • Agree on the delivery to the desired location according to the daytime delivery service level

  • You can also receive mail indoors in your company’s premises

  • Items requiring signature are picked up from the postal outlet in compliance with the postal code.

  • Pricing is made up of an establishment charge and the total distance of the diversion from the standard delivery route

  • The distance travelled within the building is also included in the price of mail delivered indoors.

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