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Corporate Address increases the flexibility of everyday operations

A Corporate Address is the perfect option when you need a corporate-style mail address as well as a P.O. Box address and delivery for receiving daily mail.

Who is the service designed for?

Corporate Addresses are suitable for companies whose mail does not fit into a mailbox or that want their mail delivered directly to their premises.


The Corporate Address service is an easy and time-saving option for receiving mail.

We will also bring your mail directly to your company

Address marking

  • A Corporate Address is made up of a P.O. Box address, a postal code ending in the number 1 and a city/municipality.

  • Corporate addresses are available with separately specified postal codes.

Corporate Address service form

Ordering Corporate Address, terminating the use, or submitting a notification of change

Additional services

  • Addressed letters and publications sent to P.O. Box addresses as well as address cards and notices of arrival for deliveries to be picked up from the post office are forwarded to the agreed address.

  • The service includes transportation and packaging the items for delivery; the related fees and other details are always agreed separately.

  • A separate, item-specific re-transportation is required for items to be collected at a postal outlet (e.g., parcels, cash on delivery letters, registered letters). Parcels are subject to a new transportation charge.

  • Posti’s Pick-up and Delivery Service saves time and effort and is operated according to your company’s schedule. We pick up and deliver your company’s letters and parcels. You can get the entire supply chain from us. Learn more about the Pickup and Delivery Service.