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Make document management and processing more efficient with digitizing

Multi-channel document receiving and digitizing transforms manual document management into an automated and electronic process.

Who is the service designed for?

Our digitizing service suits companies that receive large amounts of paper documents that need to be converted into a digital form for easier use.


By using an outsourced service, manual document management can be turned into an electronic process and it becomes easier to cope with peaks in mail volumes.

Our digitizing service covers the whole process: the receiving, digitizing and archiving of documents. The documents can be paper documents, emails, electronic order forms, damage claims, customer feedback or other documents related to the customer relationship sent by the customer. We can digitise up to 300,000 documents like this in a single day. We take care of banking and insurance documents, among others, and serve both the public and the private sector. The most commonly digitized documents include various agreements, applications, forms and survey responses.

We can turn manual document management into an automated and electronic process. This improves the quality of the data in your systems and makes documents readily available. We guarantee that digitizing will speed up document processing and make the entire document management process more efficient.

  • The quality of the data in your systems will improve.

  • Documents become readily available.

  • Shorter document processing times and a more efficient document management process.

Multi-channel document receiving and digitizing

Documents can be received through multiple channels and converted into digital form.

Our digitizing service converts information on paper into digital form and directs to the digital process. While turning your processes into electronic ones, you will still need to digitize documents as some of your customers will continue to use paper documents.

You can direct all your paper mail to us, and we will scan your mail, save the information contained in the documents and transfer it to your systems in digital form. This allows you to include the information arriving in paper form in your automatic processes.

Our digitizing service converts information arriving by email and directs it to the digital process.

You can direct the information arriving by email to us, and we will convert it into a form that allows you to use it as efficiently as possible during the next stages of the process. We can collect the information both from the text of the email itself and from attachments. Emails can also be transferred to an electronic archive with attachments included, which allows easy access to all the information.

Our digitizing service creates online forms that allow for information to be added to the digital process quickly and with high quality. Online forms can be created from existing PDF forms, which lets customers fill out the form easily online. The forms can also be made dynamic, which means that the information provided by customers will determine the need for additional information. Customers may also sign forms electronically. All information provided can be transferred to an electronic archive. This makes the process completely automatic and cost-effective.