Receive messages through multiple channels

Whether you want to receive your company’s messages in paper or digital form, we can offer you a suitable solution. We can deliver the mail to your company’s premises or to a chosen location. You can also pick up the mail yourself. If you want to minimize the amount of messages in paper form, you can use our digitizing service: we will receive the documents for you, convert them into digital form and provide archiving.

  • Receive messages in paper form the way you want to.

  • Posti can also digitize the entire message receiving process.

Document digitizing

We can turn manual document management into an automated and electronic process. This improves the quality of the data in your systems and makes documents readily available.

Mail receiving

How do you want to receive your company’s mail? We offer many options for receiving mail, whether you want to pick up your mail yourself or have it delivered directly to your door or another location.