Electronic archiving increases productivity and reduces costs

The eArchive service enables the electronic archiving of all documents in the same place. With the easy-to-use online user interface, electronic archiving can be done quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively.

Who is the service designed for?

eArchive is suitable for all companies and other organizations that want to archive their documents securely in a place where they will remain in their original condition.


Electronic archiving increases productivity and reduces the costs associated with the management, archiving and finding of documents.

eArchive is a permanent electronic archive that meets the legal requirements for archiving. We guarantee that your information will be kept secure and in its original condition during the agreed period.

eArchive also enables you to serve your customers faster and more smoothly: when your customers contact your company, your customer service professionals will be able to immediately find the right document. This saves time and makes the process easier for both parties.

  • Archive your documents securely.

  • Speed up customer service by making documents easy to find.

  • Increase productivity and reduce costs.

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