Manage your documents electronically

Despite the ongoing digitalization process, companies’ business processes still involve plenty of manual document processing and management. Processes requiring manual paper processing, manual information search and manual data entry slow down work, increase costs and significantly affect the quality and workflow of the entire process. Posti offers comprehensive solutions for document management.

  • Easy management of digital documents

  • Effective and controlled electronic workflows

  • Seamless and safe integration into various systems

Electronic Archiving / eArchive

The eArchive service enables the electronic archiving of all documents in the same place. With the easy-to-use online user interface, archiving can be done quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively.

Archive scanning

Archive scanning is a service that converts the existing paper archive into digital form. The papers are scanned and metadata is added to the images. The metadata makes it easy for you to find the information you need in the archive.

eSign digital signature

With eSign, you can sign, manage and circulate your documents electronically. eSign lets users sign documents electronically on various devices, by SMS or by using their online banking details.