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Multi-channel communication

Would you like to provide a better customer experience and manage all the information related to it? We will help your company digitalize and automate communications and documenting processes and offer better service to customers. We deliver your messages to your customers: we process letters, invoices and service messages into the correct format and deliver them using multiple channels. And when your customers want to communicate with you, their messages will also be delivered quickly and efficiently through us.

Enhance your service with effective communication and document management

Send messages and invoices through multiple channels

We deliver letters, publications, invoices and service messages to your customer in the correct format. By using Posti’s services, you can reach your customers in Finland and abroad quickly, inexpensively and reliably.

Receive messages through multiple channels

The customers of companies also have a need to communicate. We deliver your customers’ messages, such as feedback and reply mail items, to your company in both physical and electronic form.

Manage your documents electronically

Our document management solutions help your company digitalize and automate invoicing and documenting processes as well as manage the information related to customer communications that is critical to the company’s business operations.