Local Publication Delivery

With local publication delivery services, you can ensure that the subscribers get their publications on time: hot off the presses early in the morning, with the day mail of the publication date, in your core circulation area and beyond within a few days of publication.

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With local publication delivery, you can get your publication delivered to the readers hot off the presses

  • With Daytime Publication Delivery, you can ensure that the subscribers in your core circulation area get their publication on time with their day mail on the publication date.
  • With the supplementary Long-distance Publication Delivery to Daytime Delivery, your publications are delivered to the subscribers outside your core circulation area within 1–3 days of the publication date.
  • With early-morning and weekend delivery, your publications will be delivered to your subscribers in the agreed area on the morning of the publication date.
  • With unaddressed publication delivery, you can reach all the consumers and businesses in your desired area by postal code.

Choose the most suitable delivery service for you

Daytime Publication Delivery in selected core circulation areas

With the Daytime Delivery service, you can reach the subscribers in your publication’s core distribution area already on the publication date.

Services connected to the Daytime Delivery service

Early-morning and weekend delivery

With early-morning and weekend delivery services, your newspaper and its supplements are delivered to the subscribers in the morning in a separately agreed area. Your publication will reach the subscribers only a few hours after it has been printed. The service is well suited to publications that are published every day.

Unaddressed publication delivery to homes and businesses

With unaddressed publication delivery (free distribution papers and advertisements) you can reach the consumers and businesses in your desired area. You can order the delivery for a desired target group by postal code for, for example, Finnish- or Swedish-speaking households or private houses.

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