Reply Mail Item

Domestic reply mail items are pre-printed envelopes or coupons that provide your customers with an easy and free way to contact your company for purposes such as placing an order, answering an inquiry or providing feedback.

Order a reply mail item

Order an Economy Reply item ID using the order form

Order Standard Reply or request more information

Order a Standard Reply item ID by contacting us or request more information.

Reply mail items activate the customers

  • You have two services to choose from: Economy Reply, which can be an envelope or a coupon, and Standard Reply, which is always an envelope.
  • The Standard Reply is a suitable option when you use reply mail items on a regular basis and receive more than 40,000 replies per year.
  • You can deliver the pre-printed reply mail item envelope or coupon to your customer enclosed in a letter or with a customer magazine or other material you have sent to the customer.
  • Reply mail items offer your customers a free way of replying to you, because reply mail items can also be dropped off in a mailbox. You only pay for returned items and the service’s monthly fee

How to order and send domestic reply mail items

You can obtain a reply mail item ID required for reply mail items as Posti's contract customer.

Start using the Standard Reply

  • Order an ID for the reply mail item from your contact person or our customer service.

  • Design the envelope and the 2D code required for the Standard Reply according to the instructions provided to you by Posti.

  • Send the model envelope to Posti for testing.

Standard Reply items must be machine-handled, which also makes them more affordable than other reply mail items. Standard Reply items have an easy and clear item price.

Reply mail items are an easy and cost-effective way for you to communicate with your customers: you receive the returned replies bundled together at the delivery address you have provided. You will only be invoiced for returned items.

Good to know about Economy and Standard Reply

Additional services

Info codes make the processing of your reply mail items and checking of your invoice easier

It is possible to attach an info code of up to five characters to your reply mail items as an additional service. Based on the code, the reply mail items are sorted by location or campaign, for example, and you can see the breakdown by info code on the invoice.

Reply mail order

Reply mail items make it easy for your customers to place orders, respond to questionnaires and request to be contacted. Ordering an information code or codes for your reply mail item ID as an additional service will make sorting more precise and allow you to route items with information codes to different addresses.

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Order information

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