International Exprès letter

Exprès letter is a quicker way to deliver your item to the destination country. In an Exprés letter, you can send documents as well as small and low-value goods abroad.

Order Exprès letter from SmartShip

You can access the SmartShip ordering channel with Posti transaction codes.


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How to order and send Exprès letters

Destination countries

Check the availability of the service by country, as the service is not available in all countries. See Country specific information.

Maximum weight

2 kg

Maximum dimensions

250 mm x 353 mm x 30 mm

Minimum dimensions

90 mm x 140 mm

Payment method

Posti SmartShip


As a contract customer, you can order and pay for an Exprès letter in the Posti SmartShip ordering channel.

An address label with a barcode from SmartShip is attached to the item.

For deliveries to destinations outside the EU and special regions outside the EU’s Excise Duty and Value-Added Taxation Area, the contents of the shipment which are also printed on the address label are also filled in.

The content and party information are electronically submitted in advance to the post office and authorities of the destination country. Please complete the information carefully, as incomplete information may lead to the item being returned from the country of transit or destination.

Exprès letters are dropped off to Posti to be delivered. They cannot be dropped off at a mailbox.


Exprès letters are delivered without signing. Tracking works in some destination countries. See Country-specific information.

Restrictions as to content

Exprès letters are not suitable for sending money or valuable items. Please also check the general and destination country-specific restrictions and prohibited content in the product terms and country-specific information.

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