International delivery of valuable items

Important documents are safely delivered as valuable items.

Send valuable items

Buy valuable items in the SmartShip ordering channel with Posti transaction codes.


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Valuable item services ensure the safe delivery of items that are more important than usual

  • Valuable items can be sent abroad either as a registered letter or as a letter with advice of delivery.
  • When mailing a valuable item, you will receive a receipt and a tracking code that you can use to track your item in most countries.

Choose the most suitable service

Registered letter

A registered letter is a good option when you need proof of mailing. For example, it is suitable for mailing quotes and other important documents, but not for sending money or valuable items.

Letter with advice of delivery

The letter with advice of delivery is the right service when you need both proof of mailing and a unique receipt of handing over the item. The letter with advice of delivery is suitable, for example, for sending official decisions and notifications. You can track the progress of the letter in most countries. Please note that a letter with advice of delivery is not suitable for sending money and valuable items.

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