Large batches of domestic letters

We deliver your large batches of letters reliably to consumers and companies. With our national delivery network, you have access to delivery services for your letters across Finland.

Send letters using the Sorting Service

Send Standard letters and letters sent using a mailing list using the Sorting Service.

Send Economy and Priority letters using an electronic mailing list

Send letters using the electronic mailing list available to contract customers.


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Deliver large batches of letters reliably and sustainably anywhere in Finland

  • Get nationwide delivery to all households and companies, including Posti P.O. Box or Corporate Postal Code addresses, with one delivery company.
  • Whether you are sending your large batches of letters as machine-sortable Standard letters or by using a mailing list, you can select the fast Priority or the cost-effective Economy service level according to your needs.
  • Your letters are delivered reliably, because the letters we deliver always contain an address clarification.
  • Your letters are delivered sustainably: we already compensate for our emissions in full and our goal is to be completely carbon neutral in 2030.

Choose the most suitable delivery service

When you send large batches of letters yourself or through your mailer, the best solution for you is a machine-sortable Standard letter or an Economy or Priority letter sent using a mailing list. You can also choose the Economy or Priority service level for a Standard letter according to your needs.

The Standard letter allows for substantial savings in postage fees if you mail a lot of items

The machine-sortable and standard-sized Standard letter is the most affordable way to send large letter volumes. The Standard letter is suitable for professional mailing. In order to send Standard letters, your organization or mailer must be using the Posti Sorting Service. A Posti 2D code provided by the Sorting Service must also be added to each Standard letter item.

Economy and Priority letters using a mailing list

Economy and Priority letters sent using a mailing list are an optimal solution for sending varied letter items. Large batches of letters sent using a mailing list are sent through the Sorting Service or an electronic mailing list. You can also use this sending method if you cannot use the Sorting Service when sending.

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