Corporate Postal Code

Corporate Postal Codes are customer-specific postal codes that increase awareness of your company’s name and brand. With a Posti P.O. Box address, the mail you receive has already been sorted and you can also route mail directly to other addresses.

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A Corporate Postal Code will strengthen your brand and make mail handling more efficient

  • A Corporate Postal Code is a unique and distinct address that can be easily remembered.
  • A Corporate Postal Code consists of the selected postal code and the company’s name, for example, 00011 POSTI
  • Mail is sorted to the Corporate Postal Code every weekday (Mon-Fri).
  • With our Pickup and Delivery service, you can arrange the delivery of items at the agreed time and place.
  • With a Corporate Postal Code, you can receive your company's mail sorted by P.O. box, saving you the work spent on the company's internal mail handling.

Examples of Corporate Postal Codes

A Corporate Postal Code is made up of a five-digit number sequence agreed upon with the customer and, as a rule, the name or trademark of the company.

00011 POSTI 00012 FUJITSU 00013 OP


The price consists of a one-time establishment charge and a monthly volume-based usage fee.

Additional services

Additional services provide flexibility to streamline and accelerate the processing of incoming items.

Sorting makes mail handling more efficient

With the Additional Sorting service, your items will be sorted according to the P.O. box address before delivery.

Forwarding letters to several addresses

With the Agreed Further Mailing service, you can direct items to another address, for example, to a branch or regional office in another location, based on the locker address.

Save time with the Pickup and Delivery service

With our Pickup and Delivery service, you can also conveniently arrange the pickup of the company's outgoing mail. Managing outgoing mail is even easier with easy-to-use Posti Pre-Paid Envelopes with sender details.

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