Corporate Mail Premium

The Corporate Mail Premium service provides the easiest solution for receiving mail. We deliver your organization's pre-sorted mail in the agreed manner. The service is complemented by a PostPoint locker for receiving and managing all items.

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Corporate Mail Premium makes your entire organization’s life easier

  • Working is more efficient when employees do not have to spend time, effort and premises to sort and deliver mail.
  • Posti handles the sorting of mail at the desired level – by team, department or person.
  • The recipient receives a message about the items delivered and can direct letters and publications to the desired location.
  • A PostPoint locker as part of the solution provides the easiest way to receive letters and other items.

Good to know about the service

Sorting and delivery of incoming mail is always part of the service

Letters and publications are cleverly sorted using data according to your wishes. The recipient receives a notification message regarding incoming mail and can direct the letter mail to another location or even to a colleague for the duration of their holiday. As an organization, you get a real-time and accurate view of incoming mail.

Three ways to deliver letters and publications

We deliver mail to your organization according to your wishes – you can entrust us with the delivery of all mail.

Letter mail delivery options: 1. A PostPoint locker in the premises of your organization (e.g. team-specific lockers) 2. Delivery of sorted and bundled letter mail to the desired location 3. Mail delivery to the lockers of employees in the premises of your organization

A PostPoint locker for receiving all items

A PostPoint locker available to your organization. You can receive letters, publications and parcels from all delivery companies there. Pick up the items in a secure manner with a PIN code or an access permit. You can also send letters, share and lend goods or even transfer goods between employees and guests with the locker.

Arrival messages will be sent automatically to the recipients and you will have access to accurate reporting. The locker will look like your organization in terms of both functionality and brand image and will change according to your needs.


We provide the service for a monthly fee. The price consists of, among other things, the amount and delivery method of mail to be sorted, the maximum number of letters to be forwarded, the size of the PostPoint locker and possible customer-specific requests.

The price includes the deployment of the service and training for using the PostPoint locker and managing user interfaces.

How to order the service

  1. Contact us to find out more! You will receive detailed questions from us regarding the receipt of letters, publications, parcels and other items.

  2. A more detailed review of your needs and wishes will be arranged. Our solution consultant will always provide help.

  3. You will receive a quote and an action plan from us.

  4. The service agreement is signed.

  5. The deployment project begins! The service will be available to you in about five weeks.

Pickup and Delivery service for delivering mail

We will deliver mail to your organization’s premises with the Posti Pickup and Delivery service. Deployment of the service can be agreed upon when planning the introduction of the Corporate Mail Premium service.

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