Corporate Address

Corporate Address gives your company a permanent P.O. box address and your mail is delivered to the address of your choice.

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Corporate Address gives your company a permanent P.O. box address and your mail is delivered to the address of your choice

  • The Corporate Address is a P.O. box address independent of your company's street address without a fixed post office box and its size limits.
  • Corporate Address is always accompanied by a separately agreed Pickup and Delivery Service. This way, you can receive all shipments, including parcels, to your preferred address with the delivery method that suits you best, even every weekday.

Example of a Corporate Address

A Corporate Address is made up of a P.O. Box address, a postal code ending in the number 1 and a city/municipality.

Company Ltd P.O. Box 67 02341 ESPOO

Pickup and Delivery service for Corporate Addresses

Posti’s Pick-up and Delivery Service saves time and effort and is operated according to your company’s schedule. We pick up and deliver your company’s letters and parcels, even every weekday. The use of the service is always agreed upon according to the customer’s needs. More information about the service can be found on the Pickup and Delivery Service page.


The price of a Corporate Address consists of a one-time establishment charge and a monthly usage fee.

The Pickup and Delivery service is subject to a separate fee.

Other additional services, such as Agreed Further Mailing, are also charged separately. Price list

Additional services

Forwarding letters to another address

With the Agreed Further Mailing additional service, you can request your business mail to be delivered to another address of your choice. If necessary, you can also order another Corporate Address where you will receive mail to be delivered to your company.

How to order the service

Order the Corporate Address service with the order form. You can also order the Pickup and Delivery or Agreed Further Mailing additional services according to your needs.

Remember to also change your address if your business is moving!

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