Letter pricing service

The pricing service makes it easy to post your letters: just bring your letters to the post office – we will price and postmark them for you.

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Order a continuous pricing service for contract customers here.

Order a one-time pricing service for all customers here.


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The pricing service makes it easier to mail small and large batches of letters

  • In the pricing service, we will price and postmark the letters on your behalf on the working day immediately after mailing.
  • The continuous pricing service makes mailing letters very easy. It is the best solution if you regularly mail more than 20 letters in Finland or abroad.
  • With the one-time pricing service, you can mail a large batch of letters smoothly and easily.
  • With the pick-up and delivery service, you can make mailing even easier: you don’t need to worry about taking the letters to a Posti outlet. We will pick them up at the agreed time.

Here’s how the pricing service works

With the pricing service, you can send:

  • Letters to Finland (Priority letters)

  • Economy and Priority letters abroad

We will price the letters on the next weekday after mailing. The letters will be in delivery on the next weekday.

Pricing takes 1–2 days in postal code areas 84000–86999 and 90000-99999 and the delivery time is rescheduled correspondingly.


The price of the continuous pricing service consists of postage fees, a service fee and a monthly usage fee.

The price of the one-time pricing service consists of postage fees, a service fee and a one-time usage fee.

You can add information codes to your pricing service to help check the invoice. The information code can be found on the invoice, and it divides the invoice subtotal by cost center, for instance. Use of the service is subject to a charge in accordance with the price list.

How to order the service

Continuous pricing service for contract customers

Pricing service available to everyone

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