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The most comprehensive freight services in Finland

Digital and eco-friendly with the best coverage in Finland. With Posti’s Freight Services, you will reach up to 90% of Finnish companies by the next business day. We always use the fastest routes in our deliveries to help you save time and money. All of our freight services are carbon neutral Posti Green services – without additional fees.

Who is the service designed for?

Posti’s freight services are designed for our contract customer looking to transport heavy goods on pallets or in rolltainers. If you are a one-time customer, learn more about the available services.


By choosing Posti’s freight services, you will gain access to the most comprehensive service in Finland that is fully digital as well as eco-friendly. The service is completely customized for your needs and you can combine it with warehousing services.

The service is designed for the transport of heavier goods from a single item to a full load. For freight, you have two options: delivery under a Posti Freight waybill or delivery under a Posti Express Freight address label. The service is completely digital all the way from order to transport tracking and the electronic waybill.

Posti Freight is designed for the transport of heavier goods from a single item to a full load – the waybill is used as the transport document and the pallet as the transport platform.

When you want to deliver large items or parcels in pre-prepared transport units with an address label similar to those used for parcels, choose the Express Freight service. The transport platform is either a rolltainer or a pallet.

  • The most comprehensive freight services in Finland

  • Environmentally friendly – our services are carbon neutral

  • Fully digital from order to delivery

The most digital freight terminal in Finland at your service

Opened in 2018 in Viinikkala, Vantaa, our freight terminal uses state-of-the-art technology. All the operations from goods traffic to loading and unloading is digitally controlled. The automated process expedites the operations and improves quality by reducing human errors.

Vehicles, for example, are identified at the gate automatically and the system directly guides them to their designated doors. Digital tools are also extensively used inside the facility. All the 155 loading and unloading docks as well as freight storage squares have digital screens that make the work faster and easier.

Spanning about 26,000 square meters, i.e. more than three soccer fields, the terminal is one of the largest in Finland. The terminal processes about 5,700 pallets of freight shipments each day. The terminal operates around the clock six days a week, and 200–300 combination vehicles visit the terminal every day. Large shipments are processed in a covered loading area that is protected from the weather at all times of the year.

In logistics, location is extremely important. In terms of traffic, our new terminal is located outside the busiest metropolitan area, a short distance from all the highways.

Transport of dangerous goods The service enables the lawful transport of dangerous goods packed in limited quantity, provided for in the Finnish Act on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (VAK), for instance consumer cosmetics.

Heated Transport Heat transportation enables delivery for products and liquids that are cold-sensitive. We transport the shipment in heated delivery vehicles and terminals at each stage. The shipments are transported in a heated (> +0 degrees) cargo space. The Heated Transport service is available on weekdays from October 1 to April 30.

Consumer Delivery Posti contacts the recipient to agree on a delivery date and, prior to delivery, calls the recipient's number provided in the order. The delivery is done at 8am to 4pm at the recipient's home address. The freight is unloaded in the vehicle's immediate vicinity. The conditions of the service are unobstructed access to the delivery address for transport equipment. The service also includes a call before delivery.

Scheduled delivery We deliver the scheduled transportation to the recipient according to a pre-agreed schedule. Selected delivery windows are 07-09, 09-12, 12-14 and 14-16. Check the postcode-specific time windows on the SmartShip subscription channel.

Call before delivery Our driver will call the recipient at least one hour before delivery and will inform you of your arrival time. The extra service gives you extra time to prepare for the load. The recipient's phone number is required.

Crane Delivery Service Pickup or delivery of freight shipments is made using crane equipment. The Crane Delivery Service is available for shipment lots weighing under 5,000 kg, and a single load cannot weigh more than 2,500 kg.

Handing over to the Adressee in person The delivery is only handed to the person specified in the shipment. The identity of the person picking up the shipment is verified, and identity can be verified using a driver's license, passport or photo identity document. The recipient will be contacted before starting the route or at least an hour before delivery to the recipient.

Handing over without the Acknowledgement of the Addressee We will deliver your item to the recipient’s address even if the recipient is not at home. We will leave the item in a protected place.

COD (Cash on Delivery) The recipient is charged for the goods and freight charges at the time of delivery via a payment terminal. The freight shipment is handed over to the recipient against the payment specified by the customer.

Delivery to Terminal Customers can take their freight shipments that are ready for delivery directly to the terminal for transport. The Customer can address the shipment directly to the terminal, from where the recipient will pick it up. Posti contacts the recipient once the shipment in question has arrived at the terminal.

Pickup from Terminal Recipient can pick up freight shipments from terminal. Posti contacts the recipient once the shipment in question has arrived at the terminal.

Long Shipment Service applies to articles and bundles that are 2,4–7,0 meters long and stackable.

Dispatch data report We deliver a report on the customer’s own dispatch data.