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Temperature-controlled shipments to thousands of locations

Our services cover both the transportation and warehousing of foodstuffs. Our customers can choose from a variety of temperature options.

Who is the service designed for?

Our temperature-controlled services offer the perfect solution for your transport and warehousing needs. We can provide the entire supply chain or part thereof.


We help your company deliver the products at the desired temperature, punctually and reliably. We ensure that the agreed temperature is maintained throughout the transport. The temperature can be monitored and, where necessary, reported.

We deliver temperature-controlled shipments to thousands of locations through our national network.

The service is easy to order via the electronic ordering channel. You can also print out the completed waybills and other necessary documents from the channel. The reporting function shows where the items are currently or which of the items have been received. You can also choose to receive e-mail notifications of any deviations.

  • Transport and warehousing of foodstuffs

  • We offer the right temperature for every need

The right temperature at all times

We ensure the agreed temperature – whether cold or warm – throughout the transport and warehousing chain. The temperature can be monitored and, where necessary, reported. Our expert personnel and appropriate fleet are also important elements in ensuring the right transport temperature and high quality.