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Our customer service is currently congested. If your case concerns the prevailing coronavirus situation, you will find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Food logistics solutions from producer to plate

The food logistics market is changing as the Foodservice wholesales and locally sourced food market experience continuous growth. Traceability and predictable deviation management are taking on a bigger role. In order to survive, all the operators in the industry must develop their food logistics processes.

Posti is an impartial, reliable and high-quality partner for food logistics. We provide food industry operators and wholesale dealers with the entire supply chain or part thereof: food transport and warehousing services as well as supporting ICT solutions.

Posti Green – Zero emissions throughout our service selection

The increasing demand for sustainability is forcing the commercial industry to make changes. Consumers are becoming more and more interested in the origins of their food products, food waste, distances and means of transport. Going green is a choice worth investing in.

Posti’s industry is very large, and we want to contribute to mitigating climate change while serving as an example of sustainability to others. We are proud to say that all of our delivery, transport, freight, and warehousing services in Finland are carbon neutral Posti Green services for our customers – without additional fees.

We are reducing transport and delivery emissions above all with efficient route planning, by combining transports and organising eco-friendly driving courses for our drivers. We neutralize our remaining carbon-dioxide emissions by taking part in certified climate projects.

As our customer, you will receive a free-of-charge Co2 emissions report that verifies the zero environmental load of the used logistics services.

E-commerce for groceries

Online grocery shopping is experiencing rapid growth. We can help you expand your grocery sales from your local area to all of Finland. We will deliver the groceries to consumers’ homes or to a Posti Parcel Locker at the time of their choice.