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A functional warehouse is the heart of your online store

Companies experiencing rapid e-commerce growth often face the need to outsource at least some of the related operations. Outsourcing the warehouse is an easy way of gaining cost savings and flexibility.

Who is the service designed for?

For rapidly growing online stores that are looking for efficient, high-quality and effortless services as well as a reliable partner in Posti.


By outsourcing your e-commerce supply chain, you can focus on your customers.

However, a warehouse for e-commerce does not simply mean outsourced warehouse space but a service portfolio covering efficient processing of goods at the warehouse, deliveries, returns and e-commerce data management.

The core of the service portfolio is the e-commerce warehouse that is able to dispatch deliveries even on the same day and adapt to the changing needs of different seasons. By utilizing automation, orders can be processed quickly and all products can be packaged for Parcel Lockers where the customers can pick them up.

  • Procuring warehousing as a service generates cost savings

  • Efficient warehousing also for slowly rotating, extensive selection as well as large, difficult-sized products

  • Warehouse integrated directly with transport services

When you choose Posti, you get a familiar and reliable partner.

E-commerce warehouse: Shipping from the warehouse to the customer even on the same day and quick automated order processing. In addition, all the products fit inside Parcel Lockers.

Cost-effective warehousing: A slowly rotating, extensive selection as well as large and difficult-sized products can be efficiently stored. The warehouse is integrated with transport services.

Value-added services: You can also include diverse value-added services for order processing, such as gift wrapping and pre-installations.

Returns: Returns are also received in the parcel sorting center for pre-sorting, from where they are directed to the appropriate handling of returns.

Connecting traffic and terminal operations: We can also organize connecting traffic and terminal operations between warehouses for different products in order to combine orders.

Consignment stock: The service also includes a consignment stock where the goods are owned by their supplier. A consignment stock is a direct delivery solution for situations where it is not profitable to send products as single items.

Follow-up and forecasts: We will also provide a transparent item tracking and forecast data directly integrated with transport services.

By outsourcing your e-commerce supply chain from warehousing to delivery with Posti’s services, you can focus on your customers. We offer your online store

By outsourcing your e-commerce supply chain from warehousing to delivery with Posti’s services, you can focus on your customers. We offer your online store

1. Growth:

  • The best online store logistics in the market without large investments

  • Expanding the offer with direct and shop deliveries

  • Preparedness for internationalization

2. Efficiency:

  • Logistics as changing costs according to the possible need for scaling

  • Shop and consumer deliveries from one warehouse, decreases overlapping inventories

3. Quality:

  • Quick deliveries that can be tracked

4. Ease:

  • An end-to-end solution from one partner reduces required administration

  • Opportunity to focus on core operations and developing e-commerce

  • Posti manages the information and material flows of the order-supply chain

  • Posti is the top-level market leader in warehousing services in Finland and Russia

  • Diverse supplementary services

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Posti’s logistics professionals will help you solve all your logistics needs

5. Consumers’ first choice for a supplier as your partner

  • Posti has by far the highest spontaneous brand awareness among e-commerce partners in Finland

  • Posti’s other strengths include an extensive and dense pickup point network, a diverse range of services and suitability for specific needs compared to others

  • According to online retailers, the best adjectives to describe Posti are closeness, speed, reliability and responsibility

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