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Best partner for international e-commerce

With Posti as your international e-commerce partner, the growth of your online store will not be hindered by country borders or delivery times.

Who is the service designed for?

For online retailers looking to go international.


Our services enable you to deliver products easily and quickly to the customers of your online store in Europe, Russia and Asia.

E-commerce is growing throughout the world. It is also opening up new business opportunities for Finnish retailers. When going international, we are the perfect partner for you as we deliver online orders both in Finland and internationally from Europe all the way to Russia and Asia.

  • Deliveries from Europe all the way to the Far East

  • Enter new markets and increase the growth of your online store

Growth for your online store from near and far

Enter new markets and increase the growth of your online store. Our services make international parcel traffic easy and fast, just like in Finland. Learn more about e-commerce in Europe and Asia below.

For e-commerce deliveries to Europe, we recommend the Parcel Connect product designed for international e-commerce. The service was developed to assist Finnish e-commerce in entering the global markets. The Parcel Connect product is realized in cooperation with DHL and Bring. Together with its affiliates, Posti has created a network covering more than 47,500 service points throughout Europe.

The service includes returns – both the return of an undeliverable item and customer returns. You can print out a customer return card from the Posti SmartShip system and attach it to an item to be sent to the customer. The recipient can return the item to a service point.

Sweden, our close, familiar neighboring country, makes up a large market with its population of nearly 10 million. Sweden has major purchase potential that you can most easily reach through e-commerce. According to studies, Swedish consumers purchased almost EUR 6.8 billion worth of goods from foreign online stores in 2017. This shows a growth of approximately 16% from the previous year.

The most popular product categories were clothes and shoes, media products such as books, CDs and films, as well as beauty and health products. Other popular products included entertainment electronics, sports and leisure-time products, children’s accessories and toys and car, boat and motorcycle accessories. However, Finnish online stores only accounted for about 2% of the purchases made by Swedish consumers from foreign online stores.

Posti provides you with reliable, quick e-commerce deliveries to Sweden. When you sell to Sweden, you trade in the internal market and no customs clearance is required. You can focus on building your e-commerce and running the business while Posti takes care of your online store logistics.

When you operate in e-commerce in the Baltic region, you have more than 4 million potential online buyers of working age at your reach in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. In 2017, e-commerce saw rapid growth in the Baltics, about 22.5%. Estonia saw the most growth with 36.9%. In Latvia, e-commerce is expected to grow to 418 million by 2021. In the Baltics, the most popular e-commerce purchases are tickets, domestic appliances, fashion and entertainment electronics, etc.

We offer online stores smooth and fast deliveries to the Baltic countries, thanks to our network that covers the entire region. Your customers can even receive their orders within 24 hours! There is an extensive pickup point network in the Baltics, also enabling efficient customer returns from all these countries. The convenient locations and long opening hours of the pickup points are a great service to your customer. Both the recipient and the sender can track the delivery in item tracking.

Learn more about the state and growth prospects of goods purchased online in the Baltics – download the study.

The Russian market and its vast purchase potential are most easily reached through e-commerce. We provide you with reliable, fast deliveries anywhere in Russia. Download a guide on deliveries to Russia.

There are many special features related to e-commerce to Russia, which should be taken into consideration as you go international. For example, Russia — for the time being — offers consumers customs and tax reliefs when they buy products at foreign online stores. Why not make good use of this situation now? Check out other great tips from a study we ordered.

You can also offer your Russian customers the opportunity to pick up their purchases from the Finnish side of the border. Purchased tax-free goods can be sent to any Posti’s service point with a first and last name and a ℅ POSTI address, and especially the service points of Lappeenranta, Ivalo and Tohmajärvi have Russian-speaking personnel.

First name Last nameFirst name Last nameFirst name Last name
Harapaisentie 57Petsamontie 2Hainarintie 1
53500 Lappeenranta99800 Ivalo82600 Tohmajärvi

Use your first and last name when submitting an order. Using the name of another person without permission is illegal. When picking up a parcel, be prepared to present the advice of arrival sent to your phone, as well as your passport to verify your identity.

Download instructions for your online store customers as a PDF file in Finnish, Russian or English.

The Chinese market and its vast purchase potential are an online retailer’s dream. China has more than 300 million online buyers interested in high-quality European products. We provide you with reliable, fast deliveries to China. We have gathered important aspects related to sending goods to China into a concise guide.

Finland and Finnish products have a strong reputation in Japan. Japan is the world’s fourth-largest market, with more than 87 million potential buyers ready to buy products, including Finnish products. The total value of e-commerce in Japan was EUR 96 billion in 2017 and it is expected to grow to EUR 130 billion by 2022. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss! We have gathered important information on sending goods to Japan into a concise guide.

Sending goods to Japan is easy. You can print all the required shipping documentation and address labels with Posti SmartShip. The average delivery time from Finland to Japan is 2–4 working days. EMS items are delivered to the recipients’ homes seven days per week. We cooperate with Japan Post, which has a network of some 24,000 post offices.

You can also access Japan’s consumer market quickly and effortlessly using Posti and Flying Lynx. Flying Lynx has created a convenient channel for offering products to the Japanese market. The Rakuten Finland Market helps you sell your products directly to Japanese consumers on Rakuten, the largest sales channel in Japan. Your company will have its own independent brand page as well as product cards on the Rakuten online store. The products are delivered to customers using Posti’s reliable EMS service. An import license is not required in Japan when products are sold from Finland directly to Japanese consumers.