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E-commerce deliveries and returns in Finland and abroad

Flexible deliveries and returns are the cornerstones of a functional online store. We can help you offer first-class service to your customers.

Who is the service designed for?

For online retailers who want to offer their customers easy and effortless services. As our contract customer, you can easily send your parcels through Posti SmartShip. If you are only sending a few parcels each week, you can pay for the item online.


You can choose from a number of delivery options in Finland and abroad. You will also gain access to services for managing customer returns and handling returns in the warehouse, which means the products will be back on sale soon. In addition, any unclaimed items are returned to you.

We will handle your e-commerce deliveries and returns in Finland and abroad. You will gain access to the country’s largest network of pickup points and parcel lockers which enables us to deliver orders to consumers in the way they want. Customers can choose whether they want to receive the products at home or collect them from Posti's Parcel Locker, a Posti outlet, or an online store’s outlet.

An easy and free customer return is one of the elements of competitive advantage in e-commerce. Posti provides services for managing customer returns and handling returns in the warehouse, which means the products will be back on sale soon. If the customer doesn’t pick up the item for one reason or another, we will return the item to you.

  • Most extensive pickup point and parcel locker network in the country

  • The consumer gets to decide the delivery of their order

  • Free-of-charge customer returns offer a competitive advantage to online retailers

Delivery types in Finland

In Finland, online retailers can deliver parcels either directly to the customer’s home or to a Posti outlet, parcel locker or a shop where the customer can pick them up. Learn about different transport services and delivery types below.

When you want to affordably send a parcel weighing over 2 kg, we recommend selecting Postal parcel as the delivery type. It is the classic parcel service included in any online store. Items delivered as a postal parcel are picked up from your location or you can drop them off at a parcel locker or a Posti outlet. Your customer receives an SMS notification and can pick up the item at Posti’s parcel locker or a Posti outlet the following day. If you select the Fast Track additional service for your item, the customer can pick up the parcel on the same day.

Posti's parcel lockers are situated in central locations and available during the opening hours of shops and other facilities, including on weekends. Of all Posti customers, 94% recommend parcel lockers. A parcel locker is convenient and easy to use, even when sending small numbers of parcels: make an address label or get a Helposti code for the item, find a parcel locker and drop off your parcels according to the instructions.

Fast home delivery is the best service for your customer – 96% of recipients recommend Posti’s home delivery service. You can deliver the item to your customer’s home, possibly as soon as the next weekday, by using the Home Parcel, Small Parcel, Express Freight for the evening and Freight Home deliveries.

Home deliveries are particularly suited to large items or when you want your product directly through the customer’s mailbox or slot. You can also add an installation service for domestic appliances, for example, to the Posti Express Freight service.

As many as 50% of consumers also pick up their online purchases from the retailers’ own shops. You can easily set up an e-commerce pickup point in your own shop. When the customer picks up their order, you have the opportunity to generate additional sales for your in-shop products.

The company pickup point is an online application used at the shop, enabling the retailer to administer the delivery of parcels and customer returns taking place at their own pickup point. Deliveries to a pickup point are processed as Posti Express Parcels, which means they are delivered to the pickup point on the following weekday by 4 p.m. The customer receives a notice of arrival as an SMS, via email or in Posti’s mobile application. Items can be tracked through Posti’s website and mobile application. Customer returns can also be processed through the company’s pickup point.

The Posti's parcel locker Click & Collect, i.e. a parcel locker placed in a shop, also functions as a pickup point. To use the parcel locker, the retailer receives an Android application for shelving items in the locker at the shop. The customer receives a notice of arrival as an SMS, via email and in Posti’s mobile application. Uncollected items can be removed from the parcel locker using the Android application.

Delivery types for international shipments

Online retailers can deliver parcels to any address, to customers’ homes or to service points abroad. Learn about different transport services and delivery types below.

Direct deliveries from the manufacturer or importer

The Drop Shipping service enables you to sell products directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse, saving space in your own warehouse. Drop Shipping enables direct deliveries from the manufacturer or importer to your customers.

When you connect your online store to the Posti Glue service and send your order to us, we will introduce your direct suppliers’ assortments in your online store and deliver the orders to your customers in the agreed manner directly from the supplier’s warehouse. The Drop Shipping service helps you enhance your supply chain while decreasing transport and warehousing costs and releasing capital from the value bound to the warehouse. At the same time, you can increase your sales by up to 20% by expanding your online store’s selection with suppliers’ stock products.

Deliveries from your shop

We also deliver products directly from your shop to consumers. When you connect your online store and shop to the service, we will provide tools to your shops for handling and sending your online orders. The service enables you to reduce the number of products in the warehouse and cut the costs resulting from them. You can increase sales by expanding the online store’s selection with your in-shop products and release capital by reducing the overlapping stock value between shops and the online store.