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Online store integration with Posti’s transport systems

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Online store integration with Posti’s transport systems

After integrating Posti’s transport systems as part of your online store, you can display the delivery options directly in your store’s user interface.

Who is the service designed for?

Online retailers looking to facilitate their business operations and improve the customers’ user experience. The services are only available to contract customers.


Once Posti’s Transport Services have been integrated as part of your online store, you can print the address labels for the deliveries directly from the online store.

Posti’s Transport Services are included in most e-commerce software by default. The e-commerce software listed below include Posti’s Transport Services, i.e. the so-called Posti SmartShip integration module, by default.

  • You can display the delivery options in the user interface of the online store

  • Your customer can easily select the delivery type by using a drop-down menu or buttons in the shopping cart

E-commerce software containing Posti’s Transport Services by default

Always check the compatibility with your module or IT supplier. Please note also that all of the various transport types and additional services of Posti may not be available in different integration modules. The Unifaun Online service includes a comprehensive selection of Posti’s transport types.

Suppliers of e-commerce software: if your company is using a Posti SmartShip integration module, let us know and we will add it in the list below.

Integration module or other printing solutionSupplierFurther information
Anders InnoAnders
Clover ShopClover Shop
Drupal UbercartDrupal CommerceXocovis
ePagesVilkas Group
Evolution SolutionsEvolution Solutions
FlowvySKJ Systems Ltd
JeemlySKJ Systems Ltd
Magento 1Avenla
Magento (1.9x)Pardco Group
NetBaron RahtiNetbaron Solutions
Oscar ProsperOscar Software
PrebeoATK Lillhonga
ReFoxATK Lillhonga
ShurikenCreaction Finland
SQLFoxadminATK Lillhonga
Tehden / Avoinna24Tehden
Unifaun OnlineUnifaun
Visma NovaVisma Software
WooCommerceOnlineforce Sweden
Woo CommerceWebData

Recommended integration methods

When you want to integrate your online store or WMS/ERP system with Posti SmartShip, we recommend the following integration methods.

Unifaun REST API

Unifaun REST API is intended for customers who have a web-based ERP/WMS or an online store. The customer then builds the opportunity to send and receive order information in JSON format via the Internet. REST API returns the address label to the customer in PDF format. Learn more about Unifaun REST API.

You need a transaction code to log in to Posti’s electronic services, such as Posti SmartShip. If your company does not yet have a transaction code, you can order the code here.

Options for the integration:

  1. There is an existing SmartShip module for the online store platform you are using

● Check the attached listing to find out if there is an existing module for your platform. ● If you cannot find a suitable module for your online store from this table, please contact you online store supplier.

After obtaining the Posti SmartShip module for your platform, you must activate the Posti SmartShip integration.

  1. I want to build Posti SmartShip integration into my online store

See the integration instructions for Posti SmartShip’s REST interface. The integration instructions also include ordering login credentials for the Posti SmartShip system’s development environment. Please note that the implementation and development-related use of the Posti SmartShip system’s integration functionality is free of charge. See the updated delivery type texts for online stores here. ● Integration deployment in the online store Posti’s contract customers deploy the Posti SmartShip system via Posti Service channels. In Posti Service channel, the administrator can manage access rights and create accounts for new users. ○ The integration can be activated in the online store of the Posti SmartShip ordering channel. See more detailed instructions on ordering the integration (PDF). ○ Unifaun will charge contract customers EUR 20 per month for the use of the integration and user support. Posti’s contract customers will not be charged any separate transaction costs for its use.

  1. Build an opportunity to send order information from an online store to Unifaun REST API web service interface via the Internet.

See the interface description of Unifaun REST API. Unifaun will charge integration customers EUR 20 per month for administration and user support.

Unifaun OnlineConnect

Unifaun OnlineConnect is an application component installed locally on the customer’s servers and integrated with the customer’s ERP/WMS system. The customer’s system produces XML material for the OnlineConnect system, on the basis of which OnlineConnect sends EDI to Posti and prints our address labels directly onto the printer selected by the customer. Learn more about Unifaun Online Connect

Deployment of the integration:

  1. You need a transaction code to log in to Posti’s electronic services, such as Posti SmartShip.

  2. Install the Unifaun OnlineConnect application component in your application environment and set up your ERP/WMS system with the option of transferring data in XML format to the Unifaun OnlineConnect application.

Software suppliers may also have modules for ERP platforms containing Unifaun interfaces by default. Ask your supplier; this will make the integration easier.

Unifaun OnlineConnect operating instructions (PDF)

Interface description (PDF)

You can also set up a direct EDI connection to your WMS/ERP system. The recommended EDI message format used by Posti is the WaybilD16A that includes a range of services in accordance with Posti’s service matrix as well as the related additional services. You can build test messages of each service to be used, including supplementary services, based on the WaybilD16A message description, and send them to for approval. For parcels, only use address labels that fulfill the requirements set in our instructions.

Support arrangements for service deployment: ● Parcel services deployment for direct EDI customers. Includes the service matrix, address label templates, EDI document and deployment instructions. ● Freight services deployment for direct EDI customers. See more in xml format: or EDIFACT format.

Other interfaces

Learn more about digital logistics services and interfaces. Any Posti interfaces, such as instructions for deploying the interface for Posti’s pickup point register and item tracking as well as technical documentation related to warehousing solutions are available at