Online store integration with Posti’s transport systems

After integrating Posti’s transport systems as part of your online store, you can display the delivery options directly in your store’s user interface.

Who is the service designed for?

Online retailers looking to facilitate their business operations and improve the customers’ user experience. The services are only available to contract customers.


Once Posti’s Transport Services have been integrated as part of your online store, you can print the address labels for the deliveries directly from the online store.

Posti’s Transport Services are included in most e-commerce software by default. The e-commerce software listed below include Posti’s Transport Services, i.e. the so-called Posti SmartShip integration module, by default.

  • You can display the delivery options in the user interface of the online store

  • Your customer can easily select the delivery type by using a drop-down menu or buttons in the shopping cart

E-commerce software containing Posti’s Transport Services by default

Always check the compatibility with your module or IT supplier. Please note also that all of the various transport types and additional services of Posti may not be available in different integration modules. The Unifaun Online service includes a comprehensive selection of Posti’s transport types.

Recommended integration methods

When you want to integrate your online store or WMS/ERP system with Posti SmartShip, we recommend the following integration methods.

Other interfaces

Learn more about digital logistics services and interfaces. Any Posti interfaces, such as instructions for deploying the interface for Posti’s pickup point register and item tracking as well as technical documentation related to warehousing solutions are available at