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Logistics interfaces and digital services

As our contract customer, you gain access to Posti’s digital services. Some of the services require system integration, some are directly accessible through a web browser.

Who is the service designed for?

Companies of various sizes looking to facilitate their logistics supply chain with the help of digital services. The services are only available to contract customers.


Enable the systems of Posti and your company to interact and you will boost the entire logistics supply chain of your company.

The services cover the logistics supply chain from the electronic transportation order channel and reporting services to direct deliveries and warehousing services. This page contains information on deploying system integrations.

  • Efficient supply chain from transportation order to warehousing and reporting with the help of digital services

Transport integrations with Posti’s systems

Posti SmartShip is a browser-based ordering channel for parcel and freight services, enabling you to order and manage your transports and print the necessary transport documents. In addition, the Posti Dashboard service helps you improve customer service and item trackability.

  • Posti SmartShip requires a transaction code for logging in. Fill in this form to order a transaction code.

  • More information on Posti SmartShip

  • Gain access to the service by integrating the company’s own systems with those of Posti.

  • The service includes the same functionalities as the Posti SmartShip online tool.

  • The interface descriptions for integrating transportation orders can be found here.

  • You can send the EDI messages for the required Posti Transport Services directly from your own system.

  • The interface descriptions for parcel services can be found here

  • The interface descriptions for freight services can be found in XML format: or in EDIFACT format here.

  • Please note also that the printing of address labels or waybills must be built in your system. For address label templates and instructions, please contact: and for waybills and logistics unit labels, please contact:

Offer your e-commerce customers the opportunity to select their preferred pickup point. Integrate with Posti’s Location Service to include Posti’s pickup points for your online store. Location Service includes up-to-date information on all of our pickup points and enables the deployment of our new e-commerce services.

Location Service integration instructions

  • Posti Dashboard is a real-time browser-based Item Tracking service. It can be used to track not only individual parcels but also batches of parcels.

  • You can track your deliveries in real time with the criteria that suit you and, thus, offer faster and more efficient customer service for the shipment inquiries of your customers.

  • Access the service via Posti Service Portal

  • The estimated arrival date of parcels is displayed in Posti’s mobile application. The same information can be displayed in the shopping cart of your online store or in your mobile application by integrating the parcel’s estimated date of arrival with your company’s system.

  • For more information on integration, see the programmer’s manual.

  • The interface descriptions can be found here.

Warehousing integrations with Posti’s systems

You can use and monitor Posti’s warehousing services in a browser application or by completing a system integration.

The browser application is designed for small order quantities and can be ordered in the Posti Service Portal.

When your order quantities are large, we recommend system integration. The integration is usually made from the customer’s ERP system.

System integration includes normal data flows related to warehouse use:

  • Reference data

  • Purchase order and acknowledgement

  • Sales order and acknowledgement

  • Return order and acknowledgement

  • Changes in inventory

The interface descriptions for warehousing services can be found here.


The Posti GLUE service enables you to merge the order-supply chains of suppliers, shops and online stores. This makes it possible to directly sell the products in the supplier’s or shop’s balance in the online store. Learn more about the service.

For small delivery quantities, select the browser-based Company Pickup Point application instead of system integration. The application supports tablet use and bar code reader, and a multi-channel shop can use it for shop deliveries. The shop can be added as an e-commerce pickup point using the browser application.