Digital services and interfaces for logistics and e-commerce

As our contract customer, you will have access to Posti’s digital services as part of the supply chain of your company’s logistics or e-commerce. Some of Posti’s systems are integrated with your company’s systems, while some of the services can be used with a browser. Most e-commerce software already includes Posti’s Transport Services by default.

  • Improve user experience by integrating Posti’s systems as part of your company’s systems

Logistics interfaces and digital services

Deploy Posti’s digital services that cover the logistics supply chain from the electronic transportation order channel and reporting services to direct deliveries and warehousing services.

Online store integration with Posti’s transport systems

After integrating Posti’s transport systems as part of your online store, you can display the delivery options directly in your store’s user interface.

Posti SmartShip

The service includes parcel and freight services as well as tracked letter services.