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Added value for housing companies and offices with a Posti parcel locker

Posti parcel lockers are the perfect solution for modern consumers: online purchases and other parcel deliveries are brought directly to the housing company premises or office building affordably and effortlessly.

Smartpost is an easy and cost-effective way of increasing the value of the real estate as well as resident satisfaction. Smartpost enables customers to receive and return online purchases, leave outgoing parcels and handle everyday chores: laundry bags on their way to be washed or mobile phones headed to a repair shop, for instance, can be left in Smartpost. You can even receive food deliveries in Smartpost.

The deployment of a Smartpost parcel locker does not require a starting fee or an opening charge from the housing company or user. The monthly fee of the basic service for the housing company varies according to the length of the contractual period. The parcel locker does not require any electricity, and Posti is entirely responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.

  • Delivery and reception services for offices and homes

  • Increases the value of real estate and resident satisfaction

  • Offers everyday assistance to people who are busy, ageing, etc.

  • Price only EUR 70 per month + VAT

The Smartpost parcel locker is modular and especially suited for apartment buildings

As the Smartpost parcel locker is modular, it can be placed on several stretches of wall and its capacity can be increased or decreased as necessary. The maximum module width is 80 cm, and the minimum is 40 cm.

The Smartpost parcel locker does not require electricity or an Internet connection