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Efficient logistics

The success of a company or an online store often stems from an efficient logistics solution adjusted to the company’s needs. When you choose Posti as your logistics partner, we will provide logistics services throughout the supply chain all the way from the manufacturer, importer or supplier to the consumer customer. While we handle your logistics, you can focus on the core operations of your business, whether managing a wholesale store or increasing your online sales.

Our services cover both the delivery of an individual product and the setup of an entire supply chain for large and complex entities. All of our delivery, transport, freight, and warehousing services in Finland are carbon neutral Posti Green services for our customers – without additional fees.

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Improve profitability with an efficient logistics solution

Results through efficient logistics

Efficient logistics solutions improve the profitability of your company, a great range of products increases your sales, and quick deliveries and comprehensive tracking keep your customers satisfied.

Eco-friendly transport and warehousing of products

Focus on your own core competency and let us take care of your logistics. Posti’s Transport Services ensure that your company’s freight and parcels are delivered to your customers. By outsourcing your warehousing or in-house logistics services, you will not only boost your competitive edge but also gain access to the latest warehousing and process technology and service expertise. All of our domestic freight, parcel and warehousing services are carbon neutral Posti Green services – without additional fees.

Boost e-commerce through supply chain solutions

By using Posti’s services, you can ensure that your e-commerce works smoothly and your customers are happy. We will help you with your online store’s entire supply chain all the way from warehousing and transport to direct and shop deliveries. For your customers, we offer many delivery options, the most extensive pickup point network in the country and flexible return channels.

Bring your products close to the consumer

Posti has the most advanced retail network in Finland. Our network already covers 1,900 pickup points, and we plan to add 1,000 new points in the near future. We are developing our Retail Network to respond to the changed habits and preferences of our customers and the growth of e-commerce. Picking up parcels is easier, thanks to our extensive opening hours and various service options, such as pickup points and parcel lockers.