Multi-channel invoice delivery service

MobilePay, e-invoice, email invoice or traditional paper invoice? Give your customers the freedom to choose where and how to pay their invoices. With our multi-channel invoice delivery service, you can send invoices easily and cost-effectively.

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Our multi-channel invoice delivery service is cost-effective and flexible

  • You get access to all invoicing channels and a real-time view of the invoicing process with a single contract.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and let your customer choose how to receive and pay their invoices.
  • Invoicing will be easy for you, regardless of the channel. We will deliver the invoices, also in paper form.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and let your customer choose how to receive and pay their invoices.

How the Multi-channel invoice delivery service works

When you choose Posti as your invoicing partner, you will have access to all invoicing services and channels with one agreement.

The invoicing information is transferred from your system, after which our service creates the invoices and forwards them through the selected channels with the following options:

  • e-invoice

  • email invoice

  • mobile invoice

  • Smart Invoice through the OmaPosti application

  • traditional paper invoice

As the invoice sender, you will be able to monitor invoicing processes in real time.

With our additional services, you can streamline customer service and send targeted and individualized messages to consumers on paper, as a PDF attachment or to their mobile devices in connection with sending invoices. In this way, your invoicing will also serve as a channel for customer service and additional sales.

All the most convenient invoicing channels


The pricing of the Multi-channel invoicing delivery service is based on the number of invoices sent.

Additional services

The additional invoicing services will enhance archiving and customer service and provide a new channel for additional sales and customer communications.


As an additional feature of the Multi-channel invoice delivery service, Connect turns invoicing into a channel for customer communications and additional sales. With Connect, you can add messages to invoices or other documents that are tailored to your target group.


Electronic document archiving provides security and ease of archiving. eArchive enables secure electronic archiving of documents in one place. With the easy-to-use web interface, finding archived documents is quick and easy.

Case DNA – efficient invoicing, ease of payment

DNA sends its customers tens of millions of invoices a year. More than 80 percent of them are delivered digitally via Posti’s multi-channel invoice delivery service.

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