Transmission of invoices electronically and by letter in paper form

With our multi-channel invoice delivery service, you can send invoices easily and cost-effectively through all the most convenient channels.

Why choose Posti’s services for your invoice delivery?

Case DNA – efficient invoicing, ease of payment

DNA sends its customers tens of millions of invoices a year. More than 80 percent of them are delivered digitally via Posti’s multi-channel invoice delivery service.

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Time to upgrade boring invoices to a channel for additional sales and customer service?

Cost-effectiveness, rapid capital circulation and an interesting new channel for customer communications and sales – these are the reasons why every company should rethink its invoicing.

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Invoicing channels matter – we put together a list of things everyone should know about invoicing

When was the last time you thought about invoicing as part of your customer experience? Invoicing is a central part of any business, but companies rarely take the time and effort to invest in invoicing.

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