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Make updating your register or verifying individual address or customer information easy with Posti’s API solutions. You can integrate the services into your own system.

I want to update my register using API

You can find the API for our register update service under Customer Data Services.

I want to integrate the Verification Service into my system

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The register update service updates your customers’ name and address information and informs you if a customer has passed away, is a minor or is a duplicate.

In the Verification Service, you can verify individual contact details or address information. Integrate the services into your own system with the handy API.

Customer Data Services’ APIs:

Use the Verification Service to verify individual addresses or personal data

The Verification Service allows you to verify, correct and supplement the address or information of individual consumer customers. The service is based on Posti’s mail recipient register (OTS) that covers all Finns and their home addresses. The Verification Service can be used both as a web service and as Posti’s API service integrated into your system.

How does the Verification Service work?

There are different levels in the Verification Service, which can be adopted together or separately. You can use the Verification Service in your browser or integrate it into your own system as an API service.

Update your customer register to keep it always up to date

About one-fourth of all the information in consumer customer registers expires each year due to, for example, moving, deaths and name changes. The register update service updates your customers’ contact details and informs you if a customer has passed away, is a minor or is a duplicate. You can update the register either as a self-service through Posti Data or integrate the service using the API.

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