Unaddressed direct marketing

With unaddressed direct marketing, you can reach all households in a specific area at an affordable price – target a certain postal code area or even all of Finland.

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An advertisement, coupon, product sample, or free distribution paper – unaddressed direct marketing is a great way to reach all households in a specific area at an affordable price.

An unaddressed direct print item, i.e. Home Direct, is delivered in basic delivery to all households (excluding those that have banned advertising) in entire postal code areas. If you choose full delivery for your advertisement, your message will also be delivered to companies in the region. Public notifications regarding, for example, municipalities, waste management companies and electricity companies, are sent to all households.

If you choose the Home Direct delivery, your advertisements will be included in the Postinen print medium delivered to all allowed households.

Unaddressed direct marketing in a nutshell

  • Delivered to all allowed households in the selected area. The minimum delivery area is one postal code area.
  • We can also deliver to companies in the selected area or, in the form of a public notification, to all households in the area.

  • An unaddressed direct marketing item called Home Direct is delivered with Postinen. Home Direct Premium is delivered as regular mail.
  • Delivery area optimization allows for more accurate targeting by postal code area.


Postal code areas are divided into three different price areas (A, B and C) according to population density and cost level. The pricing of an unaddressed direct depends not only on the selected delivery area, but also on the weight of the item, the batch size and the time of order.

How to send an unaddressed direct marketing item

If your mailings are regular and recurring, buy an unaddressed direct print item, i.e. Home Direct in Mailing Desktop.

If your campaign is a one-off campaign, place the order via Kontakti. On Kontakti, you can create an entire campaign from content creation to delivery.


Unaddressed direct marketing items are always delivered to entire postal code areas.

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