Postinen is the most extensive print media in Finland

Delivered to all households twice a week, Postinen is an effective national print medium. Postinen reaches up to 3.2 million people in Finland – more than any other Finnish advertising medium.

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Proved to be effective

Postinen contains advertisements from companies and topical information on Posti’s services. The print medium has been proved to be effective. Up to more than two million (* Finns read Postinen delivered to their home. Your advertisement in Postinen will not go unnoticed. You can buy media space on any of Postinen's four pages.

*) Postinen attention value study (IRO Research & Consulting, 2021)

Send unaddressed direct marketing items with Postinen

Unaddressed direct marketing items are delivered with Postinen to households that allow direct marketing. With an unaddressed direct marketing item (Home Direct), you can deliver advertisements, coupons, product samples or free distribution papers with Postinen.

If you only want to reach households in a specific area, limit the delivery of your advertisement to your preferred postal code areas.

Postinen in a nutshell


The current prices for media space can be found on the Postinen media card. The pricing of the Home Direct campaign delivered with Postinen depends on the selected delivery area, item weight, batch size and the time of order.

Reserve an advertisement in Postinen

Reserve an advertisement in Postinen via Kontakti. The publication dates, the last reservation dates as well as the material delivery dates have been specified in the media card.

Purchase an unaddressed direct print item (Home Direct) delivered with Postinen on the Mailing Desktop.

Place the order on Kontakti if your advertisement is a campaign or otherwise a one-off order. On Kontakti, you can create an entire campaign from content creation to delivery.

Unaddressed direct marketing, Home Direct with Postinen


Postinen and unaddressed direct advertisements are delivered on Mondays and Wednesdays to households that allow advertising.

Unaddressed direct advertisements delivered with Postinen are always delivered to entire postal code areas.


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