Advertising on a notification of change of address

Advertising on a notification of change of address

People who are moving house make big purchases! Reach them at the right moment. Make the lives of movers easier and reach your customers when they are thinking about the services they need to renew or update.

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Secure your place in the mind of movers

  • Each year, approximately 700,000 households, i.e. nearly 15% of the Finnish population, change address. Up to 80% of them submit their notification of change of address online.
  • Reach people who are really moving as the advertising spaces only become visible after the change of address notification has been submitted

  • Advertisements, unlike regular banner ads, are service elements. They blend into a service and reach movers at just the right time.
  • You will improve customer retention and the service experience as it will be easy to transfer the current contract to a new address. In addition, customers will notice you before your competitors!

Getting started

You can buy an advertisement on a notification of change of address either as a self-service or by contacting us. For the advertisement, we need a logo, text and a URL.

Alternatively, you can use the advertisement to collect contact requests. A summary of the campaign results will be emailed to you every month and a more detailed breakdown of display times and clicks will be available through the self-service channel.

POP Vakuutus reaches movers where the need is greatest

Marketing should be placed where it offers the greatest benefit to the customer. An advertisement on the change of address notification form has proved to be an effective way for POP Vakuutus to market its home insurance services.

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