Addressed direct marketing

Keep your regular customers happy or reach new customers with a personalized marketing message. Addressed direct advertisement is an effective way to reach your target group.


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Reach the right customers effectively

The attention value of a named brochure, publication, letter or card sent to the right address is guaranteed! Almost 90% of consumers read an advertisement delivered home under their own name (*.

Customer Direct is a direct advertisement delivered with the customer's name and address. Send the Customer Direct to your preferred target group.

Use your own customer register or take advantage of our extensive data sources to reach new customers. Buy a target group from us on the basis of, for example, demographic data or data in the Vehicular and Driver Data Register, or target your messages to people who are moving house. We provide you with the address information you need to reach the customer group you want.

*) Study on the attractiveness of targeted marketing communications conducted by Posti in spring 2020

Addressed direct marketing in a nutshell

  • A message delivered with the customer’s name and address has a high attention value.
  • Use your own customer register or take advantage of Posti's data sources and find new customers.
  • Careful targeting reaches exactly the customers you want.
  • Multi-channel direct marketing increases the effectiveness and exposure of your message within the target group.


The price of a Customer Direct campaign is determined by the batch size and the weight of the item. In addition, the price is influenced by processability (machine sorting/manual sorting) and possible additional services, such as notification of the recipient’s change of address.

How to send an addressed direct advertisement

You do not need to worry about payment indications, printing or taking the material to Posti’s office. The service includes the materials, printing, mailing and postage fees of letters and postcards. Your marketing material will be delivered to the specified addresses at your preferred time. The service is suitable for all small batches.

Are your mailing batches large and regular? Buy an addressed direct advertisement from Posti Pro. When ordering from it, you can also take advantage of the pre-order discount.

If you send mail only occasionally and you only want to buy addressed direct mail, place an order in the Electronic mailing list.

Addressed direct marketing with Customer Direct


Generally, Customer Directs are delivered to the recipients within four working days after the posting.

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