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Unaddressed delivery reaches all of Finland

Unaddressed delivery enables affordable marketing to large masses either throughout the country or in selected areas.

Who is the service designed for?

When you want to reach households or companies throughout the country or in certain areas, unaddressed direct marketing is the perfect solution. Home Direct is perfect for advertisements, coupons and product samples as well as free distribution papers.


Unaddressed direct marketing is an affordable way to reach the Finnish and Swedish-speaking households and companies in the entire country or a certain area.

With unaddressed delivery, or Home Direct, you can reach both households and companies affordably and easily. This is a functional solution when you know that your customers live in a certain area. Unaddressed direct marketing acts as an alternative or supplement to, for example, newspaper advertising.

Delivering your message with day mail to more than two million mail slots ensures excellent coverage. Unaddressed direct marketing is perfect for advertisements, coupons and product samples as well as free distribution papers.

  • Unaddressed direct marketing reaches up to 3,5 million consumers.

Home Direct - basic information

There are two versions of the service: Home Direct and Home Direct Premium. The destination country of Home Direct is Finland, excluding the Åland Islands.


  • Home Direct: Items unitized according to production direction are dropped off at the postal center on Tuesdays and Thursdays by 5 p.m.

  • Home Direct Premium: Items should be posted at a Posti network location two weekdays before delivery (on Tuesdays)

    • by 5:00 p.m. at postal centers (Helsinki, Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu)

    • by 12:00 noon at terminals (Jyväskylä, Lieto, Seinäjoki, Rovaniemi)

    • at shops/outlets by the specified posting deadline

  • Items to be delivered via the Home Direct Premium 01 process must be posted on the day before delivery by 5 p.m.

Read the instructions Print a bundle label Mailing instructions


  • Items are delivered in Posti’s basic delivery according to the service selected.

  • Home Direct items are not delivered to households with advertising bans. Public notifications used for public communications are also delivered to households with an advertising ban.

  • Items are always delivered to entire postal code areas.

Delivery days

  • Home Direct: The items are delivered to allowed households on Mondays and Wednesdays.

  • Home Direct Premium: The items are delivered to the selected delivery area on Thursdays.

Further information

  • Maximum Reach Delivery is an unaddressed delivery that is delivered simultaneously to those households where an addressed delivery is not sent. Delivery always takes place simultaneously with addressed items. Triple Maximum Reach Delivery is delivered to households that do not receive a publication or addressed direct marketing.

  • The number of households may vary due to migration, households with an advertising ban and construction activities.

Home Direct is always delivered to entire postal code areas. The delivery option is allowed households.

Home Direct Premium is always delivered to entire postal code areas. Delivery options include:

  • Allowed households (not delivered to households with an advertising ban)

  • Full delivery (allowed households and companies)

  • Public Notifications (delivered to all delivery locations, both households and companies)

A Home Direct delivery can also be targeted within a postal code based on the following criteria:

  • Finnish-speaking households

  • Swedish-speaking households (including bilingual)

  • Private homes (including single-family, detached and semi-detached houses and farms)

  • Maximum reach delivery (Home Direct Premium is delivered to households where an addressed delivery is not sent)

Home Direct delivery can be targeted to postal codes by utilizing the residential area classification.

Items will not be delivered to slots with an advertising ban.

Home Direct:

  • maximum weight 200 g, minimum weight 5 g (paper weight min A4 80 gr/m2, or paper weight min 42 gr/m2 if the number of pages is at least 16)

  • maximum dimensions width 230 mm, length 353 mm, thickness max. 5 mm, minimum dimensions 90 x 135 mm

Home Direct Premium

  • maximum weight 300 g, no minimum requirement

  • maximum dimensions 250 x 353 x 30 mm, minimum dimensions 90 x 135 mm

The shipment of items exceeding the maximum weight must always be agreed separately with Posti’s sales department.

Items must fit in Posti’s blue transport cases or through the mail slot as such or folded. If Posti has to fold the item, you will be charged an additional fee. Home Direct items must always be folded in advance.

The payment indication is the code K, or written as K – Posti Ltd. The indications are printed on the bundle labels so that they are clearly visible. The color can be freely selected, as long as it is clearly visible. In public notifications, the text “Julkinen tiedote” (Public notification) is printed on the items in addition to the payment indication.

Payment indications

The pricing model is based on

  • The weight of the item

  • Delivery area (areas A, B, C)

  • Batch size

  • Timing of the order (advance order)

Postal codes are divided into three areas (A, B, C) based on their special characteristics, such as population density and cost level. Area A is typically a densely populated area, such as a city center; area C mainly consists of sparsely populated areas.

Prices are also available through ordering channels.

The price of Home Direct includes the carbon neutralization of the emissions caused by the delivery and the transport process from the drop-off location to the addressee. The price does not include, for example, transport from a printing company to the posting place, mail preparation (such as bundling and unitizing), impact area analyses, or campaign surveys.

The payment method is contract-based invoicing. The mailing batch is ordered through Kontakti or Mailing Desktop. Invoicing takes place once a week, unless the customer and Posti have mutually agreed otherwise.

The order is placed through Mailing Desktop or Kontakti. In addition to the price information, you will receive real-time confirmation of an approved delivery time and always the correct mailing instructions.

  1. Mailing Desktop Particularly well-suited for regular and repeated mailing. Order credentials for the Mailing Desktop

  2. Contact Online Service Particularly well-suited for campaign mailing or small-scale mailing Create credentials for Kontakti

Once you have placed your order, the order becomes binding and cannot be canceled free of charge. When the ordered delivery day is in two weeks or less, 30% of the price of Premium deliveries will be invoiced and the full price of Home Direct deliveries will be invoiced.

Changes to the delivery day and services are also subject to a charge, as described above. If you want to change the service you have ordered, cancel the order and place a new one. The charges specified above apply to the cancellation, and the price for the new order will appear in the summary.

If the dimensions and weight of the items differ from those specified in the order, the delivery price will be based on the actual dimensions and weight. Changes to batch size will also affect the price.

Order change and cancellation fees (pdf)

Additional services

Home Direct

  • no additional services

Home Direct Premium:

  • Folding

  • 01 speed

  • Targeted delivery


  • Posti will dispose of any excessive copies remaining from the delivery, unless agreed otherwise.

Restrictions as to Content

  • Home Direct shipments may not contain separate attachments. It is forbidden to send any dangerous goods, fragile or bendable objects or fluid substances through Home Direct. Posti does not transport any illegal or clearly dangerous items or products.

  • Posti assumes responsibility for shipments containing cash, securities or other valuables only if they are sent as Insured Items.

Why is unaddressed direct marketing tracked?

interest value of advertising and advertising bans (2015), those interested in an unaddressed printed direct marketing campaign n=1,408