Postinen is the most extensive print media in Finland

Proven effective, the marketing message reaches more than 50% of all Finns every day.

Who is the service designed for?

When you want to market cost-effectively across Finland and generate sales.


Only Postinen will carry your marketing message to up to 3.5 million Finnish homes twice a week. Postinen gets noticed and read!

Postinen is the only nationwide print medium that enables you to reach 3.5 million Finns on the same day with only one ad. No other media gets your advertisement into as many Finnish homes twice a week. Postinen is wanted, read and extremely cost-effective. It creates sales.

  • Reach 3.5 million Finns on the same day with just one ad

  • The only solution that carries your marketing message to Finnish homes twice a week

Postinen, proven to be effective

The functionality of the four-page Postinen is studied regularly and its contents are designed to suit the wishes of consumers. Studies indicate Postinen’s high attention value. 3.5 million Finnish people receive Postinen twice a week; of these people, 3 million notice it and 2.1 million read its contents.*

Postinen contains topical information on Posti and Posti’s services, as well as advertisement from various companies. Media space is available on all pages. See prices and more information in the media card. You can easily buy media space through the Kontakti service.

Get known with Postinen

Send a request for proposal (RFP) and we will help your company find the most efficient solutions for reaching customers

You will receive insight on data to promote your business, reach your target group at the right time in both digital and printed channels and always have the most up-to-date data on your customers.