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Direct marketing creates results

Studies show that a tangible message that speaks to the recipient personally is remembered, triggers action and stands out in today’s stream of digital messages. Direct marketing is effortless when your partner is the most experienced expert in the industry. Through us, you will have access to anything you need for efficient direct marketing: register services, materials, addressed and unaddressed delivery as well as the best target groups to reach the right person or consumers regionally and nationally. Send brochures, samples, letters, cards and coupons; direct marketing enables you to both create mental images and aim for sales.

  • Reach up to 98% of all Finns aged 18–80 through addressed direct marketing

  • Unaddressed direct marketing reaches about 80% of households

  • One in five Finns read nearly all the direct marketing they receive

Reach masses in an affordable way

Unaddressed direct marketing is an affordable way to reach masses in your desired area

Target your marketing on a personal level

Addressed direct marketing enables you to target your marketing communications to the right people.

Gain nationwide attention

Postinen is a nationwide media platform that enables you to reach 3.5 million Finns on the same day with just one ad!

Market through various channels

Electronic direct marketing also reaches your customers through telephone and e-mail.